Nail-watercolor 3.0

Video course for any level.
UNLIMITED access, train when you are comfortable.

The course reviewed 12 designs from this photo.

You get

After payment, I will send you an e-mail file in PDF format, which will contain all reference materials, photos and links to videos on YouTube.
Text in pdf in English. In the video in the subtitles, you can choose your language.

The course contains

  • necessary materials (photo, video, links where to buy)
  • how to prepare a nail
  • durability
  • developmental exercises on thin lines, 3D
  • 12 designs in various techniques. Video for each design with my detailed comments in Russian and subtitles. You can choose your subtitle language.


To obtain a certificate, you must send me an e-mail 10 designs on tips. Photos must be in good quality with good lighting.

After working out you receive a certificate in electronic form, in JPG format, by e-mail.



White Night Artists Watercolor set 24 pans, plastic box

! Paints in tubes do not need to buy. Only cuvettes.

Manufacturer in Russia:

Recommended paints: Watercolor paints Nevskaya palitra, White nights,  set 24 pans, plastic box

Attention! Perhaps, such water colors are not delivered to your country. You yourself will need to find where to order.
Or try other watercolor paints for artists. They are sold in shops for artists.


Ideal to purchase 3 brushes:

  1. Roubloff, kolinsky № 1 (or 1.5). Equivalently. Series 1010
  2. Roubloff, kolinsky № 2. Series 1010
  3. Roubloff, kolinsky № 3. Series 1010
    Also suitable for the 1115 series.
  4. Not necessary. Brush No.1 squirrel/goat/ bristles with a hard pile. Any, cheap. To spray.

P.s. you can do without number 2 or without number 3.

Manufacturer in Russia:

The exact list of brushes for work is above the photo.

! Other brands test yourself. Main selection criteria:

  1. Natural kolinsky
  2. External characteristics (fine tip, not fluffed)
  3. Price (more expensive)


Price for the master: $25 (USD)
Price with the right to educate: $179 (USD) Details>

To order

Write to me what you want to buy and I’ll write how to pay at

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